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Learning methods

Online training

Hands-on training

Online training

Our learning method is designed to provide flexibility and engagement as you progress through the material at your own pace. In a friendly environment created within Moodle, each lecture is structured to fit within a maximum duration of 1.5 hours, ensuring concise and focused content delivery. Throughout the course, you’ll encounter quizzes to assess your understanding and retention of key concepts.

One of the unique features of our course is the opportunity for interaction with our knowledgeable trainers. You can contact them via messages for clarification or deeper exploration of topics. Additionally, we offer live sessions that can be scheduled to accommodate the availability of course participants. These sessions provide a dynamic forum for discussion, further explanation, and real-time support.

Hands-on training

Our exclusive presidential course at ISC Konstanz invites a select few participants to immerse themselves in the heart of solar cell innovation. Over the course of five intensive days, attendees have the unique opportunity to step into our state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and actively engage in every stage of the transformation process, from raw wafers to fully functional solar cells.

Led by leading experts in the field, participants will not only observe but also actively participate in hands-on experiments, gaining invaluable insights into the intricate processes involved in solar cell production. This immersive learning experience transcends traditional classroom settings, providing a dynamic environment where theory meets practice in real-time.


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