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Online training

Hands-on training

Online Training

Participants will follow a self-paced track of all lectures and reading materials. Quizzes are created to test the knowledge acquired. Possibility of interacting with the instructor via message and possibility of life sessions depending on the number of participants. Certification of completion is offered after the successful conclusion of the course.

Current trainings:

  • Management-level training
  • PV Production – Fundamentals
  • Special lectures

More information coming soon!

Hands-on training

The hands-on training program is held at the ISC Konstanz facilities in Konstanz, Germany. This comprehensive training spans 5 days and offers participants the opportunity to explore a wide range of topics. The training covers the following key areas:

  • Safety instructions for working in clean rooms and laboratories
  • Wet-chemistry processes
  • Diffusion processes and various chemical vapor deposition (CVD) techniques
  • Laser ablation and laser doping processes
  • Metallization methods
  • Solar module fabrication and measurements
  • Characterization and data analysis

We are a knowledge transfer platform to help qualifying PV professionals.
Embark on a transformative learning journey with our comprehensive PV training programs!

How to register

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